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Is it possible to keep your patients out of the hospital, provide a higher level of patient at-home care and mitigate avoidable medical costs?
RescueTouch NurseAlert Introduction Video

We’re all familiar with the hospital room nurse alert system, right?
Why wouldn’t our patients use a NurseAlert to get medical attention at home?

Proactive healthcare providers looking to keep their patients out of the hospital, provide superior at-home medical care and mitigate avoidable medical costs are providing their patients with the ability to directly call their assigned nurse, accountable care agency or primary caregiver.

At-home patients are using the RescueTouch NurseAlert to ask questions, request assistance relating to their condition(s) or bring attention to a worsening condition.

Providing clients with instant one button direct communication to their caregiver or home health provider, patients are encouraged to call their caregiver at the first sign of problems and not wait until the next appointment or worse, the need to be sent to the emergency room.
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In most cases, a simple call using their NurseAlert can prevent a call to 911 and a potential hospital admission.

Homecare nurses are alerted before a worsening condition triggers the expensive and avoidable – 911 to emergency department to hospital admission scenario.

How Your RescueTouch NurseAlert Works!

It does not contact 911 or the RescueTouch Response Center.

Emergency services will only get contacted and dispatched if your agency or the patient contacts them by using a phone.

The NurseAlert contacts your agency. It also allows your agency to call your patient and communicate directly with them through the NurseAlert. Ever had a patient not answering their home or cell phone?

Two other specialized functions of the NurseAlert are Fall Detect for fall risk patients and Geo Fence Alert for patients who wander.

Medical Alert Systems: Wireless, Mobile, GPS, Fall DetectionWaterproof Devices

All of our RescueTouch NurseAlert Devices are Waterproof
allowing you to be worry free about accidents
and adding additional freedom to your day.

Medical Alert Systems: Wireless, Mobile, GPS, Fall DetectionGPS Pin Point Location Technology

Wherever you find yourself when an emergency hits, rest assured,
we will find you too. Within moments we will have
your exact coordinates, and pin point with Google Maps.

Medical Alert Systems: Wireless, Mobile, GPS, Fall DetectionFall Detection & Auto Call

When you fall, we will know, and respond.
Alert or unconscious, when you need assistance,
your chosen level of response will come to you.

Mobile Medical Alert Devices & Systems GPS & Fall Detection Enabled!
Medical Alert Systems: Wireless, Mobile, GPS, Fall DetectionNeck lanyard

Also comes with a traditional neck lanyard. Don’t worry about loosing or misplacing your RescueTouch device. It will always be within your reach both inside and outside and you can be certain help is just a touch away.

Medical Alert Systems: Wireless, Mobile, GPS, Fall DetectionTWO WAY Communication

Our distinctive Two-Way Contact allows caregivers the ability to contact the wearer, just as easily as the wearer contacting their caregivers and first responders. Two-Way Contact is clear and concise through the built-in speakerphone.

Mobile Medical Alert Devices & Systems GPS & Fall Detection Enabled!Medical Alert Community

You can reach out and alert multiple people or agencies
at once, assuring that you get the fastest response and
care that you need.

The typical NurseAlert is programmed to call and text both the agency dispatcher and the assigned nurse. If your agency requires a different setup, the NurseAlert can be easily customized to work perfectly within your unique agency protocols.

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